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Simple Simon’s Pizza is Pueblo
CO, Local Pizza Delivery

Welcome to Simple Simon’s Pizza in Pueblo! Here, we know that local pizza is the best pizza, because we make it like no one else can—fresh when you order! It’s our mission to provide every customer with the most outstanding pizza, calizones, wings, and sandwiches that they’ve ever tasted. We do just that thanks to our commitment to quality, service, and cleanliness every day.

Don’t believe us? Give our pizzas a try by calling today or placing an order online and we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations every time, in every way! That’s what it means to be the best local pizza around, and at Simple Simon’s Pizza, that’s our goal. Check out our full menu of pizza shop classics and local twists, then order online for super-fast and super-convenient service every day of the week.

Brand history

Since the beginning, Simple Simon’s Pizza has always been about small local businesses. The first location opened in Sand Springs, OK, in 1987 and was run by a husband and wife team. Now, there are many locations and Simple Simon’s Pizza is a national award-winning restaurant that’s consistently one of the largest pizza chains in America. But even today, each pizza shop is run independently, so that small business owners in 10 different states can cater to the needs of their own communities. From custom menus to local customer service and friendly faces, we’re committed to quality, service, and cleanliness in the neighborhood. Because local pizza is the best pizza.

Come on in

You can visit our pizza shop anytime to place an order, pick up dinner for carryout service, or enjoy our famous pizzas right here. We’re located at 1617 W US Hwy 50, Suite 100 in Pueblo, CO 81008. That’s right where Fortino Boulevard meets Highway 50, in the same shopping center as Albertsons, Auto Zone, and Starbucks. That makes it easy to swing by for a carryout order on a weeknight of errands. But don’t worry, even if you live a little farther away, just place an order online and we’ll deliver it to your door!

Check Out Our Full Menu Now! (719) 299-4495